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Welcome to Just Houseplants! If you are looking for tips and advice on beautiful houseplants for your home – both exotic or even growing wild in your area – then you have come to the right place. Our goal at Just Houseplants is to give you the educational basics that you need when it comes to selecting, placing, and caring for houseplants in your own home.

Gardening advice doesn’t always have to be super complicated. We give you the information that you need without getting too fancy about it. We research the plants in question, go through the details for you, and translate the science into easy instructions so know exactly what soils to mix, how much sunlight and water is required, and everything else that you need to know.

We’re able to do this because our articles are written for plant lovers, by plant lovers – and let’s face it, you don’t need a PhD to grow a beautiful plant. Every person who is reading this knows someone in their life with a green thumb who has simply learned through trial and error what a plant needs to be healthy – it boils down to soil, sunlight, fertilizer, and a whole lot of love.

Simply put, our mission is to get straight to the point – we’ll tell you exactly what you need to add a little nature to your home based on our own independent research, and it’s everything that you’ll need to pick up a plant that you like today and to raise it right.

So again, we bid you welcome and we hope that you’ll stay awhile. Please take a look at our articles, find some plants that fit your own unique personality and aesthetic tastes, and enjoy the simple pleasure of watching them grow and the raw, unrivaled beauty that they’ll bring into your home.

You’ll find everything that you need to do it right here on Just Houseplants!

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